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The Grove United Center Back has signed for pro club Club de Lyon in NISA. Gowani made his debut for the club in their Open Cup win last week.

Gowani was an integral part of the 2023 squad and helped lead the UPSL squad to the playoffs.

"Adil had the high highest level of professionalism in everything he did on and off the field. His leadership, charisma and professionalism was a clear example for our U19 players of what it means to be a pro. Having top players with Adil's professional mentality and approach sets the standard in our environment and fosters the culture of excellence at the club. We wish Adil all the success at his his new club," says Grove United President, Justin Grove.

Grove United has a track record for pushing players on to pro contracts and on to the next level. Adil is one of 3 players to sign pro contracts in the last year, with 3 others invited trials at US and international pro clubs. Another is currently representing his senior National team in World Cup qualifiers.

"Our goal at Grove United is to develop players in our elite environment and help them reach their individual goals. For players that want to play professionally, we strive to provide opportunities and avenues, through our domestic and international network, for players to showcase their talent," says Grove.

Adil and Club de Lyon will match up with NISA Club Georgia Lions SC on April 3, 2024. Grove United wishes Adil all the best at his new club!

"I am deeply grateful to Justin Grove and Grove United for the invaluable support and opportunity during a challenging time for my family. The professionalism and passion for player development at Grove United truly set a standard for excellence. Thank you, Coach Grove, for your dedication and commitment to helping players excel both on and off the field," says Gowani.

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